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Enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain for global finance

The XDC Network, created and maintained by XinFin Fintech, is an open-source, enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain protocol that specializes in tokenization for real-world decentralized finance.
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Introducing the XDC Network

The world’s first hybrid blockchain architecture, the XDC Network is equipped with both public and private subnetworks to enable the protection of personal data while remaining transparent and auditable.

The XDC Network was built with both developers and enterprises in mind. It’s a workhorse blockchain that empowers enterprise organizations to enhance their business infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve visibility through blockchain technology — but it also remains flexible enough to meet growing industry demands.

With interoperable smart contracts, near-zero-fee transactions, and military-grade security, the XDC Network is designed to support a wide range of novel blockchain use cases.

Like Ethereum, the XDC Network is a Layer 1 blockchain. That means it provides a base layer for you to build custom business operations and increase your visibility within a blockchain ecosystem.

The open-source technology allows a host of projects to be built upon XinFin's XDC Network using one of its many protocols:

  • XRC-20 for fungible tokens
  • XRC-721 for non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • XRC-1155 for multi-token/semi-fungible tokens

The XDC Network difference

Blockchain-curious companies have a lot of options when it comes to tools, networks, and providers. But what puts the XDC Network above all the rest?
Easy migration from other blockchains

Have a project on the Ethereum network or Solana? No problem.

You can easily migrate your project to the XDC Network and benefit from everything that makes the network an accommodating, affordable, and efficient blockchain solution.

Interoperable smart contracts

The XDC Network supports all EVM-compatible smart contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers.

Smart contracts can improve efficiency and ensure deliverables, reducing the need for trust between contracting parties.

Low gas fees

Using the XDC Network is cheap and easy with our unbelievably low gas fees.

In fact, the gas fees for most transactions are less than one-millionth of an XDC. Using the network is nearly free of cost.


Advanced protection on the XDC Network

The XDC Network exceeds all cybersecurity best practices to operate a blockchain network that defends your business from bad actors.

After years of study and development by a team of Ph.D. professors, an XDPoS consensus protocol upgrade was implemented in December of 2021. This update provides military-grade security to the already airtight XDC Network, enabling forensic monitoring to identify and stop bad actors before harm can be done.

In addition, all validating nodes on the XDC Network are KYC (know your customer) compliant, streamlining due diligence practices for businesses that have arduous customer verification standards.

XDC Network security is best-in-class

In the blockchain and cryptocurrency-centric future, compliance and intelligence are requisite capabilities. Banks, crypto companies, law enforcement and governments trust us to monitor complex risk and power investigations.

Our blockchain intelligence ecosystem delivers best-in-class crypto tracking, analytics, risk monitoring, compliance, attribution, visualization and tracking.

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Group 493
Blockchain Intelligence Group | Blockchain Analysis

Security and accountability is highly important to the community who uses and operates on the XDC Network, so the Blockchain Intelligence Group was chosen to provide best-in-class crypto tracking, analytics, risk monitoring , compliance, attribution, visualization and tracking.

Learn more at
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BitRank Verified®

BitRank Verified® makes cryptocurrency compliance simple. Banks, crypto companies, custodians, exchanges, OTC desks, crypto ATMs, fintechs, and regtechs rely on BitRank Verified® to protect their businesses, stay compliant, and avoid invasive, costly audits. Quickly clear low-risk transactions and investigate high-risk ones.

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QLUE™ helps solve more cryptocurrency investigations. Banks, law enforcement, lawyers, forensic accountants, and management consultants trust QLUE™ to identify and track nefarious actors. QLUE™ is best-in-class cryptocurrency mapping technology that traces the flow of crypto. QLUE™ is scalable and used by solo investigators to a sprawling government agency.

Group 493
The Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator™

The Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator™ (CCI) course was developed by a groundbreaking crypto government investigator and a seasoned financial compliance expert. The training course covers the fundamentals on cryptocurrency, obfuscation, dark web, criminal tactics and more.

Know your nodes

The XDC Network is built on a series of servers that use computing power to contribute to the network. Each of these servers, called masternodes, can create and sign blocks, which are used to manage transactions run the blockchain network. For this contribution to the network, masternodes receive rewards in the form of XDC tokens.
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The XDC Network’s mainnet went live on June 1, 2019, and was originally designed and architected to utilize 108 masternodes that require 10,000,000 XDC to be staked to qualify as a validating node. All Masternode positions have since been filled.

If a Masternode defaults or resigns, a secondary server — known as a Standby node — takes its place. Currently, there are 95 Standby nodes operating globally, with the capacity for a total of 192 Standby nodes.

Masternodes pay 10% annually in $XDC, and standby nodes pay 8% annually in $XDC.

Want to learn more about how XDC works?

View documentation

XinFin Fintech

Started in early 2017, the XinFin Fintech created and now maintains the XDC Network protocol. Troy S. Wood leads Impel, a startup born out of the XinFin project and is funded by a grant from XinFin Fintech.

Through this project, our foundation members seek to inform and engage an active community of developers, specialized trade experts, and content creators to evangelize for the XDC Network community.

Our passion and excitement for this groundbreaking technology motivates us to push the XDC Network to new heights and realize its full potential.

Atul Khekade

XinFin co-founder
Advisor to Impel

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Ritesh Kakkad

XinFin co-founder
Advisor to Impel

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The XDC Network’s coin

$XDC is the native asset of the XDC protocol, and may serve as the reserve digital asset for all dApps running on the XDC Network.

As an exchangeable asset, it holds value and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges for other digital assets. It also works as a payment or settlement layer while powering a wide range of novel use cases:

  • Settlement for dApps built on the XDC Network
  • Support micropayments and near-instant settlement (2 seconds or less)
  • Cover transaction costs (gas fee) for on-chain transactions
  • Smart contract deployment and settlement for smart contract event triggers
  • Collateral for tokenized instruments and stablecoins on the XDC Network

Rather than using the traditional central banking system, Impel uses the $XDC coin as a settlement vehicle for payment, resulting in instant settlement.

ISO 20022 compliance


First utilized in 2005, ISO 20022 is rapidly becoming the global language for financial messaging.

ISO 20022 is the free and open standard designed to simplify and streamline global business communication across borders. This is an industry mandate that is expected to fully standardize high-value financial messaging processing globally.

Impel's service offerings on the XDC Network maintain full compliance with ISO 20022 standards and best practices. That means your financial communications and transactions on the XDC Network will always be fast, secure, and compliant.

Demo ISO 20022
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What is the R3 Corda Bridge?

The R3 Corda is a first-of-its-kind connection that enables the native $XDC coin to move to and from the public Corda Network.

With this bridge, $XDC can be used as a settlement vehicle inside of the Corda ecosystem, allowing value to move freely between the Corda public network and public blockchain networks like the XDC Network.

That means data can be recorded privately on the Corda network, while limited data sets are transferred to the XDC public network — mitigating institutional risk and turning Corda into a hybrid network.

By extension, this shared ledger will connect the $XDC coin with every other CorDapp on the public Corda Network.

Access the R3 Corda Bridge

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